Monks Chapel Picture Gallery

A view from the front pew of the pulpit The pews are boxed, with doors. Made from pitched pine

The altar area showing the high pulpit (right) and the small entry porch (left) A gallery runs around three sides of the building, accessed from either side by stairs.

The motif on the ceiling above the preacher's head. Looking down on  the pulpit from the gallery.

The  preacher's view of the congregation. A high window behind the preacher gave him the opportunity of seeing approaching militia and making an escape, or hiding below the pulpit where it is believed originally had a tunnel!

A plaque inside declares electricity to have been installed as recently as 1950 above a memorial to William Humphries dated 1939 The notice board of today.  Monk's Chapel is now part of the Wiltshire United Area of Churches, a local ecumenical project between the URC and Methodist Church.

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