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24 December 2017 Melksham United Church Lent Study Courses at Melksham
17 January 2018 Area Notices Heartbeat of God - see information
29 January 2018 Area Notices Revised Preaching Plans, March, April, May 2018
17 February 2018 Melksham United Church Update - Safeguarding Policy Document
20 February 2018 Area Notices March Newsletter
21 February 2018 Bradford-on-Avon United Church Easter Celebration
6 March 2018 Wesley Road  Updated Church details
9 March 2018 Area Notices Lent Studies at Bradford-on-Avon
13 March 2018 Area Notices    Devizes,  St. Andrews Big Breakfast and plant sale
18 March 2018 Staff Page Accredited L.P. list Updated
18 March 2018 Wesley Road Easter events posters
20 March 2018 Area Notices April Newsletter