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The Melksham Methodist Church  and the Melksham  United Reformed Church combined some 40 years ago along with other churches in the Mid-Wilts United Area.   In 2009 Mid-Wilts and West Wilts United Areas merged.  See details on the Home Page.  We are located in Melksham High Street in the centre of the town opposite Lloyds Bank and adjacent to the King's Arms.  There is parking behind the church, accessed through an archway, 20 metres to the left of the church.

The United Church building  was originally built as a Methodist church in 1872 and has an impressive frontage with giant Corinthian columns beneath a large pediment and with Italiante decorations carved round the door.   The building is Grade II listed.  When the two denominations united the Methodist buildings were retained and the URC building sold, becoming the Rachel Fowler Community Centre.

A survey of the building revealed that substantial work was required to restore the roof and this was completed in July 2005, at a cost in excess of 22,000.  More recently the church has completed a comprehensive refurbishment project. Although complicated by its listed building status, the plans were all approved and a robust programme of fund-raising  was undertaken, substantial grants were generously donated by LANDFILL, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and several other charitable institutions.

The finished building retains a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere with an added flexibility of use and modern technology. The entire area is available for hire (see below) and a warm welcome is given to our regular charitable users and all who come to the church for Worship.

The church is also, of course, available for all your spiritual needs from weddings, christenings and funerals and for more details of these please contact the minister. 

In a world of busyness and stress we seek to offer a sanctuary of peace and hope through our worship, our welcome and our offers of practical help. We are an inclusive fellowship where all are welcome and everyone is given a seat and a voice.



Revd. Heather Wilson 

Tel. 01225 702232


(Pastoral Responsibility for:-Melksham,  Whitely,  Monks Chapel 

and Bradford-on-Avon )

LocationIn Melksham High Street in the town centre, opposite Lloyds Bank and adjacent to the Kings Arms.  There is car parking behind the church for up to 12 cars, accessed through an archway 20 metres left of the church in Watson's Court. .

Address High Street, Melksham, SN12 6JU.    

Sunday Services are at 10.30 am every week

Junior Church for children. 10.30-11.30 am, first and third Sundays of the month.

The United Reformed Church have produced daily devotional material which is available by clicking HERE 


LITTLE GEMS.     Parent/Child Minder and Toddlers Group every Thursday 9.45 to 11.30 (open all year round).    This is for children from 0 5 years.    We do not charge, but we do accept donations.   

JUNIOR CHURCH.  If your child / children are not currently attending Church activities and you would like them to find out more about what it means to be a Christian. Staff, have a variety of fun activities day-to-day Christian living designed to support their understanding and increase their knowledge of what the Bible holds.

SAFE GUARDING  Click HERE for the church safeguarding policy

Click on the picture on the left for more information about Melksham United and for background details of the refurbishment project now completed.

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Sunday 3rd February, 4 to 5 pm.

Ice Cream Sunday Messy Church.


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Church Officers

Minister  Revd. Heather Wilson
Worship Leader Mrs. Margaret Henry, 
Church Secretary Mrs. Pamela Packer
Minute Secretary Mrs Margaret Henry
Church Treasurer Mrs. Val. Asselbrough
Gift Aid Secretary Mrs. Geraldine De'ath
Church Council Revd. Heather Wilson (Chairman) P. Packer(Sec.)  V. Asselbrough, (Treas.)   M. Packer (Property) Mrs Patsy Samm  Mrs. Geraldine De'ath   D & M. Henry. M & M Elliott,  Mr. D. Asselbrough ,    Mrs Val. Harrold         
Property and Finance Mr M Packer (Chair). Mrs M Packer (Sec)  Mrs V Asselbrough (Treasurer)  Mr D. Asselbrough, Mr S Harrold, Mr D. Henry.  Mr G. Knapp
Area Meeting Reps Mr. D Henry, Mrs. V. Asselbrough
Worship Committee  Revd. Heather Wilson (Chair)  Mrs. M. Henry (Sec'y) Mrs. V. Harrold,   Mrs. V. Llewellyn, Mrs. N. Austin,  Mrs. G. De'ath.   Mrs P Packer.
Junior Church Leaders Mrs. N. Austin (Leader), Mrs M. Bennetts, Mrs Jasmine Evans.  Mr Huw Evans. Mrs J. Crundell
Lettings Mrs Val Asselbrough (Commercial lettings coordinator)  
Organists Mrs. Helene Pieczko  Mrs. Margaret Henry.   Mrs Anthea Turner,  Mrs Judith Hitchins.     Digital Hymnal when required.
Choir  Mrs. Margaret Henry (Leader), Mrs. Valerie Harrold (Secretary) 
Safeguarding Revd. H Wilson,  Mrs N. Austin (children and young people)   Mrs N Willis (Vulnerable adults)  Click HERE for Safeguarding Policy Document
Publicity Mrs Natalie Willis
Directory Mr Derek Henry
Pastoral Carer's Co-ordinator and Prayer Circle Mrs Patsy Samm
Action for Children Mrs. Geraldine De'ath
Methodist Homes for the Aged Mrs. Valerie Harrold
Communion Preparation Mrs J.Bowery.  Mrs M White
Communion Stewards Messrs G. Knapp,  S. Harrold,   G. Jamieson,  M. Packer. Mrs. Mollie Perraton.
Communion Assistants Mr S Harrold.  Mrs M Henry.  Mrs. P Packer.
Vestry Stewards Messrs. G. Jamieson,  D. Roderick,  Mrs. P. Packer, Mrs. G. De'ath. Mr D Asselbrough      
Notices Mrs. G. De'ath,  Mr. & Mrs D. Henry,  Mr & Mrs M Packer  and Mr. S. Harrold
Social Functions & Fundraising Mrs M Henry (Convenor) V & D Asselbrough,  G. De'ath,  J & P Samm, S. Coe,  M. Elliott,    V. Llewellyn,  P & M Packer, E. Thomson, M. Bennetts, D Henry
Melksham Family of Churches Vacant
Little Gems Mrs J Bowery.,(Leader) Mrs V Asselbrough (Treasurer) Mrs G De'ath., Mrs M Elliott., Mrs E. Thomson
Bible Study Fellowship Mrs M. Perraton  (Coordinator)
Rotas Mrs G. De'ath
Mission Boxes Mr J. Samm

Regular Church Meetings

Church Congregational Meetings take place twice a year and Church Council Meetings take place five times per year.




1st and 3rd Wednesday.  Meet in the vestibule at 10.30 am 

Bible Study

Mrs Molly Perraton

 Friendship Group - alternate Tuesday's  2.30 - 4.0 pm Fellowship

Mr & Mrs Elliott

Every Thursday in the Lower Hall from 10.00 am Little Gems Mrs Joyce Bowery


Melksham United Church, having recently been substantially re-furbished, offers the building for hire to other organisations.  Please click HERE for a poster  for hiring purposes with  details of accommodation and hiring costs. 

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