More information about St. Aldhelm's, Corsham

 Our Mission Statement as a Church is

Ø          to facilitate the worship of God

Ø          to encourage each other to engage in a deepening prayer life

Ø          to express our love of one another through pastoral care

Ø          to make the gospel known to the community around us

Ø          to develop a deepening spiritual life individually and corporately

Ø          to witness for Christ by example

Ø          to provide opportunities for all to come to a personal faith in Christ

Ø          to encourage each other to express our faith in deeper commitment through growing     participation in the life of the church                                    

How St. Aldhelm’s Church came into being?

 In 1982, the Mid-Wilts. Methodist Circuit and the Bath District Council of the United Reformed Church (URC) joined together to form the Mid-Wilts. United Area.  In 1984 the congregations of the Corsham Methodist Church and the Corsham URC came together to form a new church worshipping in the former Methodist premises.   Members were invited to submit names for their ‘new’ church and a vote was taken;   from this “St. Aldhelm’s” was chosen.

 Who is St. Aldhelm?

 Aldhelm was Abbot of Malmesbury in 675AD.   He traveled widely, and it is reported that on one of his journeys, near to Corsham, he threw down his gauntlet and told his followers to dig there and they would find treasure.   They thought he meant gold or silver but instead they found the valuable stone beds, which is the foundation of stone quarrying in the area and, of course, the building material for many of our churches.   There is no doubt that Aldhelm traveled regularly through Corsham as this was the driest route between Malmesbury and Glastonbury.   Aldhelm as a man was beyond comparison, certainly the most learned and ingenious western scholar of the late 7th century;   he is revered as a saint and miracle worker, and he was an evangelist.   The people of St. Aldhelm’s can do no better than to take him as a role model.                                                

Some history of the two churches

Corsham URC

Congregationalists came to Corsham in 1786, and in 1790 the foundation stone for their church was laid.   Worship continued in these premises until the formation of St. Aldhelm’s Church, although in 1972, following the union of the Congregational and Presbyterian Churches, it became the Corsham URC.   In 1984 the building was sold to a local businessman, and it became a printing works.   Following a recent redevelopment of Corsham town centre, the building has changed hands and it is now a restaurant.

 Corsham Methodist Church

The story of Methodism in Corsham began in 1732.   Early records state that George Whitfield, an evangelist who worked closely with John Wesley, came to Corsham and preached in a field to some thousands.  It was not until 1878, however, that the foundation stone for a church was laid.   In 1903 a second stone-laying ceremony took place when the need arose for larger premises.   This second church was built alongside, and the original church became the schoolroom.   Worship has continued in Methodism until we joined together to form St. Aldhelm’s Church.


 We are an active fellowship, older in years perhaps but young at heart!  Our premises are used by the Community.  eg: Corsham Country Market,  Corsham Flower Arrangers and "Sing Happy" - a group of "happy" people who sing unaccompanied!

Saturday morning welcomes everyone to come in for refreshment at the newly opened Sat. Cafe,  10.30 - 12.30

Ø          Two Monday evening groups meet weekly alternatively together with a Thursday evening group and one afternoon (Wednesdays) house groups meet fortnightly;   a fourth (Friday afternoon) study group meets on church premises, also fortnightly.   In addition to studying the Scriptures, these groups act as the basis for our pastoral care system.

Ø          The Hive –  weekly get-together for Parents  (Grandparents) & Toddlers meets on Wednesday mornings in the Church Hall between 9.30 and 11.30 am.

Ø         A church lunch is held on the last Friday of each month, in the Church Hall 12.00 noon to 1.30 pm.   This is open to anyone who cares to drop in!

Ø         The "Saints" Skittles team plays on Wednesday evenings during the autumn/winter in the Corsham & Melksham League and on Thursday evenings during the summer in the Corsham & Chippenham League,  based at the Corsham Football Club, Lacock Road.  Friendlies and social games are held during the summer whenever possible.

Ø         Coffee 'n chat every Tuesday morning  between 10.00 and 11.30 am in the Galilee Room.  Everyone welcome for refreshments and chatter.

Ø           Numerous social gatherings throughout the year.  

Ø          Ecumenical links/activities with the other town churches, Baptist, Anglican and Catholic.

Ø          Our premises are used by the community, eg:  Corsham Country Market is held in the church hall on Friday mornings and Corsham Flower Arrangers meet on Monday evenings.  For any hiring inquiries, ring 01249 714017

Ø         A small prayer group meets every Tuesday, 9.30 - 10.00 am. Prayer requests welcome.

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